Hollywood Stars Who Tried to Go Woke… But It Cost Them

Hollywood stars are running scared from the woke police.

Sure, a few are true believers, eager to incorporate their woke worldview into every project that comes their way.

Others are clearly woke out of pure fear. They realize if they don’t virtue signal the right way they could find themselves the latest scalp on the Social Justice Warrior’s wall.

A recent Hollywood Reporter story suggested as much. The far-left publication found a PR executive who shared why so many stars jump on the latest woke talking point.

“I have clients who are making an extraordinary effort to post what the social left wants to see.”

That’s what some of the following stars tried to do. Others simply believed they were living out their best woke life, only to realizes you can never be woke enough. These stars found that out the hard way.

Lena Dunham

The star and co-creator of HBO’s “Girls” is considered by some the ultimate woke actress. She’s progressive to the core, promotes

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Source: Hollywood Stars Who Tried to Go Woke… But It Cost Them

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