No, Mispronouncing Names Isn’t ‘Casually Racist’

My surname is Haworth and, for my entire life, people have mispronounced it. “Hayworth,” “Whore-worth,” “Hanworth,” “Hanward,” “Hoe-earth.”

And those are just the examples that even slightly resemble the actual pronunciation: “How-earth.”

Yes, I understand that it’s not obvious. “Whore-worth,” for example, is an understandable interpretation which I try and correct as quickly as possible for obvious reasons.

The reason it’s not obviously pronounced “How-earth” is because our language doesn’t always portray the precise pronunciation of words, and particularly names.

When someone says my name incorrectly — which happens on an almost daily basis — I know that it’s not a big deal. The vast majority of people say it correctly when they find out how to say it correctly, and it’s obvious that their initial mistake was honest, rather than motivated by an underlying hatred for me — as a person — or “my kind,” whether that be males, white males, white British males, or white British Jewish males.

How do I know this?

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Source: No, Mispronouncing Names Isn’t ‘Casually Racist’

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